Re-imagine your food ‘scraps’

Give a Fork! is a cheekily named initiative from the good folks at Sustainable Table, who are all about educating the masses about food – where it comes from, and how can we buy and eat it more responsibly.

Each October, Sustainable Table invite you to Give a Fork! about something close to their hearts (and bellies). This year the focus is waste. Specifically – less  waste.

They want you to do something you probably do all the time – have friends round for food. The only catch is they don’t want you to throw anything out while you are preparing it!

To get involved, sign up to host a Give a Fork! meal, set a ticket price and get your friends to purchase a spot at the table. The Sustainable Table ladies want to show that waste-free eating does not mean compromising on taste, and they have lovingly created a Lose Waste which includes everything you need to know to create a waste-free meal and live waste-free into the future, including tips, tricks and recipe ideas. Seriously – how cool does carrot top pesto sound!?

Head to the Give a Fork! site and sign up right here. 

P.S. If cooking isn’t your forte, head down to any one of the participating restaurants and ask for their Give a Fork! special or consider getting in on the action with their Give a Fork! workplace program, which brings the fodder and the table talk to you and your colleagues for a delicious lunch, without you having to lift a finger! Head to the Sustainable Table website to download the workplace program brochure.

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