What if plastic wrap was viewed the same as plastic bags?

Plastic wrap – it’s really bad, guys. Cling-film, gladwrap, sandwich wrap, whatever you want to call it. It’s almost impossible to re-use and once in landfill it remains for many many years. It is also rumoured to leak plasticisers into food!

It’s easy to sweep the guilt under the rug but imagine if the kind of behaviour change that saw green bags become such a popular alternative to plastic bags happened with plastic wrap as well?

Here are some good alternatives. Choose one and then use up the last of your plastic wrap, and put one of these other things in its place in the drawer or cupboard.

1. Glass jars/glass food storage containers – so you can see that delicious food that you are going to eat for lunch.
2. Oilcloth or wax  paper – attractive and reusable.
3. Bento boxes! Seriously, you can get some super cute versions from your local Japanese store.
4. Reusable bowl covers – try Etsy for a large range of adorable ones from independent crafters or make your own!
5. These sandwich wrap mats by Onya Bags are so cool. This company even makes reusable Christmas crackers!

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