About Us

In a nutshell, we are a collective of organisations dedicated to educating individuals on how small, positive lifestyle changes contribute to a sustainable future both for ourselves and for our environment.

Just like the beginnings of a good idea, we are a bit tricky to define. Or rather, we are a bit reluctant to define ourselves, because we don’t plan to fit within any particular parameters or restraints.

To start with, our nest is home to a not-for-profit, a social enterprise, and a professional service. These three organisations already worked in close proximity, sharing talents and resources before The Ideas Nest was formed, and since coming together in a more structured way, we have gained the capacity to work smarter, with more collaboration. The beginnings of ideas all cosying up to eachother in the same space – under the same umbrella – our sparks will ignite more projects and we will be more successful in inspiring others.

The ideas that we endorse, share, and run with allow people to live better with less. We aren’t preachy environmental activists or anti-capitalists or anything like that, but rather see sustainability as a bi-product of making a conscious decision to go about our daily lives in a considered, mindful and ultimately, more enjoyable fashion.

We currently focus on three key areas of our everyday lives – food, fashion and work. But as we mentioned, we don’t plan to stay within these walls. Our three branches extend from The Ideas Nest, an incubator or sorts, and we look forward to hatching many more great ideas as we grow.

If you are interested in what we do on a professional level (as opposed to simply a ‘making your life better’ level) – we want you to know that we are looking to partner with businesses to bring our outside of the box sustainability ideas, strategies and all the benefits that accompany them to your triple bottom line.

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